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    Indoor fire hydrant is a common fire equipment, but with the growth of time, fire hydrant will inevitably have problems, which requires us to check and maintain frequently. Do you know what the inspection contents of fire hydrant are? Next, fire hydrant guardrail manufacturers take you to understand, hope to help you!
    1. Appearance and quality marks. The fire hydrant box shall be provided with durability nameplate, including the following contents: product name, product model, number of approval document, registered trademark or factory name, production date and executive standard.

    The model, specification and trademark of fire hydrant shall be cast on the valve body or cover. During on-site inspection, you can use a knife to gently scrape the inner and outer surface layer of the box to check whether it has been treated with anti-corrosion treatment. In addition, the word "fire hydrant" shall be marked on the front of the door of the visual inspection hydrant box in a visual, eye-catching and neat font, and the font shall not be less than: 100 mm high and 80 mm wide.


    2. According to the inspection report of the product, the configuration of fire-fighting equipment in the indoor hydrant box should be consistent with the report, and the fire-fighting equipment (water gun, water hose, etc.) in the hydrant box should meet the requirements of on-site inspection of each product.
    3. The fire hydrant box of box door shall be equipped with door lock or door locking device. For the bolt box with door lock, the manual mechanism for emergency opening of the door shall be set, except for the glass installation of the door and the transparent material that can be broken, so as to ensure that the door can be opened flexibly without a key. And the opening angle of the box door shall not be less than 120 ° without jamming.
    4. Hose placement. The hose tray of the coil type bolt box shall be taken out from the hanging arm without jamming.
    5. The coating of material fire hydrant box shall be scraped off and measured with micrometer. The box shall be made of steel sheet or aluminum alloy with thickness not less than 1.2mm, and the thickness of door glass shall not be less than 4.0mm.
    The above five points are the inspection contents of indoor fire hydrant. I believe you can have a certain understanding of fire hydrant after reading this article. I hope the above contents can help you. In addition, if you want to know more information, please click to consult fire hydrant guardrail manufacturer 。
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